Phase Change

About the Artist

About "Phase Change"

(b. 1958, Houston, TX, USA) Steve Kroll is an artist, inventor, writer and business owner.

In his businesses he is actively engaged in both electronic and industrial design.

Phase Change is both personal and representative. It is a major departure in subject and style for Mr. Kroll.

Past exhibits include being a finalist in the Arts for Parks national competition, winner of the Houston Art League's annual competition. He was a finalist in the national Duck Stamp competition.  A 2013 four time winner of ArtSlant New York he was also a finalist in a 2013 Saatchi Showdown competition.

An exploration of the nature of everything, with a concentration on key moments of change. Often perceived as catastrophic, these events are essential to the evolution of our universe.

This encompasses elements and actions which are both macro and micro-scalar in nature. Both on-going and historical, these are events effecting the very fabric of where and who we are.

Phase Change #s 1~6  represent a period from the proverbial "Big Bang" to the first vestigial life forms capable of DNA formation.

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